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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy assists students with making smart financial decisions while in college. Monthly seminars are provided on campus during the spring and fall semesters. Private individual sessions are available to students year round. 

  • Adventures in Education- College planning resources, financial aid information, career guidance, and money management tips to help families and students achieve goals
  • AIE Calculators - Specific calculators to help with Loans, Loan Comparisons, Daily Interest, College Loans, Student Aid Index, GPA Goal, Graduation Planning, Compare Working More vs. Borrowing, and Texas B-On-Time Loan GPA calculator
  • America Saves - Campaign managed by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America. It seeks to motivate, encourage, and support low- to moderate-income households to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth.
  • Cashcourse - Updated articles, worksheets, calculators, quizzes, financial terms, and an interactive budget wizard tool
  • fastweb! - Online resource in finding scholarships to help pay for college.
  • Practical Money Skills - Recognized and awarded for its engaging tips, interactive games, and many other resources from Financial Literacy for Everyone program
  • Saystudent - Smart student loan guides, tips to finding money for college, and free budgeting worksheets
  • Scambusters - College student's guide to identity theft
  • Trellis Company - Manage your students loans online
  • The Mint - Fun Financial Literacy Interactive Activities for Kids, Tweens, Parents and Teachers
  • What's My Score - Everything you need to know about your credit score
  • Credit Card Insider - Q&A for students on credit issues