Depression-Coping Tips

Coping with the Blues

When you are depressed, seek medical and psychological support. Your mental and behavioral health are just as important as your physical health. If you are waiting to see someone or you need additional support, here are some things you can do to help yourself.

Get Help Lined Up

  • Seek help early. Everyone gets blue sometimes, but if it lasts long, depression can get debilitating. Both counseling and medication take some time have a significant effect.
  • Talk to an understanding, nonjudgmental person, where it is okay to talk about anything and for anything you are feeling is okay.
  • Use whatever spiritual resources you are comfortable calling upon.
  • Listen to or help someone else.

Reframe Your Thoughts

  • Combating positive thoughts can help you start to see outside of thought patterns that aren’t kind. Think about what you would say to an innocent child and know you are worthy of the same self-talk.
  • Give yourself credit for whatever you get done in a day (think how you would do that with a friend).
  • Break down difficult tasks into smaller increments (chunks that make it feel more doable).
  • Remember that depression passes. Focus on living one day at a time.
  • Don't evaluate yourself or worth when you are down-be fair to yourself.

Adopt Healthy, Healthy Practices

  • Plan your day with some things you must do, mixed in with some activities you enjoy. Rate your expectations of these activities, and then reassess how you feel after their completion.
  • Get some exercise, whatever feels healing and good. Walk, run, bike, swim, etc. Take action.
  • Get out in the sunshine as much as possible. If you must be inside, sit or work near a window.
  • Eliminate sugar, caffeine, and junk food from your diet. Eating better leads to feeling better.
  • Sleep well and be as consistent as possible with both duration and timing, especially waking up time.
  • Read a funny or light book or watch a funny video. Listen to music that you enjoy.
  • Get dressed and make an effort to put on something that makes you feel good.
  • Take a long, hot bath or shower. Practice stress reduction/relaxation techniques.