Medical Services

Medical Services for undergraduate and graduate students is available at Trinity Family Medicine

The medical services program is designed to provide students with basic primary healthcare needs in an outpatient setting.  Trinity Family Medicine will provide medical services to UT Permian Basin students who have paid the Medical Services Fee (paid by students enrolled in at least one face to face class). 

Students can make an appointment for in-person or tele-health appointment. Trinity also takes walk-ins. Present your UTPB Student ID and another form of identification to verify your eligibility. The cost of the clinic visit will be covered and does not require a co-pay. If you need additional services that aren’t covered, the health care provider will tell you what any additional costs will be BEFORE you receive those services.

Most basic primary healthcare needs are covered.  These include: abdominal pain, allergies, cough, sinus issues, asthma, preventative medicine, basic screenings, benign lesions, blood sugar, bronchitis, cardiovascular systems, bone fractures, strains, pneumonia, colds, digestive system, ear aches/infections, eye, flu screen, labs- bloodwork, pregnancy test, rashes, lacerations, abscess drainage, sore throat, suture removal, therapeutic injections, urine analysis, vomiting/diarrhea, women’s services, and x-rays. Trinity Family Health will have COVID-19 testing available. Students without insurance will be able to receive a test at no additional charge at Trinity Family Health, should they meet the guidelines for testing. The University will not reimburse costs for testing from other locations. 

Trinity Family Medicine is located in Odessa at 6100 Eastridge Road.

Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm | (432) 272-1072 | www.trinityhealthodessa.com

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Medical Providers

All students are covered by the Medical Service Plan except for dual-credit and online-only students. View student medical insurance options.