Professional Education Program

Specialize in your field.
Develop strong curricula.
Train teachers for better futures.


Professional Education Program

Raising the bar inside the classroom

Whether you want to partner with teachers to improve course curricula, support students through academic advising, or coordinate educational events, your goal is to improve the student experience.

Enjoy the convenience of online courses while deepening your specialized knowledge. The Professional Education program at UT Permian Basin is designed just for you.

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Why Professional Education at UTPB?

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Eligibility for roles such as Educational Leadership, Curriculum Development, or Educational Consulting

online education


One-third of courses in this program are online


36-Hr MA

36 semester credit hours to earn an MA

Why should I study professional education?

Take everything you know as a professional teacher and apply it to making education better. You can step into a role as an instructional coordinator, where you oversee curricula and teaching standards. You can develop instructional material, implement it, and assess its effectiveness. Your work in this area improves teacher and student performance.

Find fulfillment in your work in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, professional schools, or educational support services or for state and local governments.

What are my job prospects?

Earning a Master of Arts (MA) in Professional Education can open up job opportunities in the education sector. Some potential job prospects for individuals with an MA in Professional Education include:
  • Content-Area Specialist
  • Curriculum Coordinator
  • Assessment Specialist
  • Professional Development Coordinator
  • Special Education or Bilingual Program Coordinator
  • Teacher - Junior College or PK-12 levels.
The median annual wage for instructional coordinators was $67,051 in December of 2023, with a top wage of $107,260.

What industry-specific skills will I learn?

This 36-hour option gives you skills through your selection of graduate courses based on your career goal. Graduate courses offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, such as mathematics, history, biology, and English, can be included.

The key skills you learn include communication, organization, autonomy, leadership, and scheduling and planning.

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